Enhancing Digital Asset Investing
RealHouse Fund

The RealHouse Fund is a diversified EU real estate investment fund, manged by industry experts, which aim to disrupt the traditional Asset investing.

The Investor will get the Fund Security token, which represent direct or indirect ownership of an interest in the real asset.

Once the Investment start generating Revenue/Profit, the platform allocates funds to investors based on the number of tokens they own in various portfolios at the time of distribution

Special Projects

The RealHouse Fund will be composed by many different projects. What happen that you fall in love with a particular real estate listed into the Fund?

Since we are NOT the classical fund, we want to give the Investors the opportunity to invest also just in a single project of the fund.

Latest Projects

Why RealHouse?

The main objective is to connect Real Estate owners with Real Estate investors regardless of investment capacity or physical location, in order to making an illiquid market liquid.

Thanks to Blockchain & AI, and using the concept of fractional ownership, an investor could invest in a portion of digital assets, without the need to rely on a third party or to trust the other co-owner. It’s the technology itself that act as trustee.

What can we Tokenize?

Blockchain technology has the power to change many business models because of its transparent, immutable, and distributed features. Just in the way like bitcoin is reshaping the financial panorama, tokenization of assets on the blockchain can make investing in assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, art ownership, shares, etc. more convenient, efficient and trustless.

Thanks to tokenization can be created a digital representation of an asset into Blockchain. In this way, that token can be moved, recorded, or stored on a Blockchain.

Key strengths

Experienced and multidisciplinary team

High standard of Property evaluation (AI algorithm)

Easy to invest in a unique Real Estate Fund

90% reduction on operating and transaction fees

ROI above market standard

Asset Tokenization using the most advanced technological standard

Asset trading in secondary market


Lorenzo Rigatti, RealHouse CEO, interviewed by Forbes Italy, talking about the RealHouse Project, and the potential of the blockchain technology to disrupt the Real Estate market

Lorenzo Rigatti, CEO – RealHouse
The Team
Lorenzo Rigatti
Co-Founder & CEO
Management Engineer, being in love with technology his whole life, Lorenzo joined the Blockchain scene in 2016- Oxford Blockchain graduate, a passionate researcher, and ICO/STO consultant. Founder & CEO of RealHouse. Head of Product Development of Luxochain SA, Swisse based company that uses the Blockchain to contrast the counterfeiting of luxury products. Business development manager for the Blockchain start-up NOKU.
Davide Baldi
Co-Founder & CMO
Entrepreneur, ranging from Blockchain projects, creation of commercial networks, recruitment, marketing & management consulting, up to Real Estate operations, graduated in psychology and specialized in business management and organization.
Alfredo Malgrati
Co-Founder & CLO
Entrepreneur with over 300 employees in his companies, graduated in business economics at Bocconi, with many years of experience in Ernst & Young, from 25 holds the role of managing director in companies made in Italy, ambassadors in the metalworking industry, Vimoter SPA and Eurotubi Europa Srl. Passionate about finance, innovative technologies and blockchain, he is a convinced supporter of the marriage between the old economy and technology.
Fabio Pacchioni
Co-Founder & CTO
Fabio joined the Blockchain scene in 2016. Previously he was a software engineer in different automation industries related based in Italy. Passionate designer, Blockchain Smart contract developer and Blockchain code reviewer. Blockchain developer for Elpis Investments Blockchain developer for start-ups like NOKU and Luxochain (Switzerland) Smart contract developer and business developer for Seed Venture (Switzerland) Member Decentra Academy (Italy) Code reviewer for Fact Group (Malta) Co-Founder & developer in RealHouse, italian based start-up that aims to tokenize Real Estate
Rossano Petrucci
Co-Founder & COO
Passionate entrepreneur, co-founder of the MyBest SPA group, a company listed on Euronext Growth in Paris since September 2018. After graduating in Economics and Commerce at the University of Pescara in 1996, he began his entrepreneurial career ranging from music to utilities. In love with innovation, expert in managing sales networks, ready to seize the opportunities deriving from changes and always looking for new challenges, like RealHouse projects.

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